clay diffrient


Integration of Educational Technology Portfolio

Objective 4: Participate in an online learning environment, discussions, and tele-collaboration.

I can successfully participate and use online learning environments to communicate my ideas and learn from others’ ideas effectively.


Example of a discussion where Ryan responds to Clay
Example of a discussion where Clay responds to Kyle


Throughout the class we had the opportunity to use Canvas for handling out of class interactions with our peers. We did weekly discussion posts that gave me the opportunity to have discussions with others. We also accessed our course information through Canvas. I feel like I definitely know how to use the system effectively. In the artifact section I’ve included a screenshot of a classmate’s response to a post I made. As well as a response that I made on another classmate’s post.


I plan to keep my knowlege of online learning environments at a high level. I also plan to continue to collaborate and enhance my ability to communicate with others.