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Past The House

09 February 2019 - 1 minute read

In the time since my last post, a great thing has happened! The bill has succesfully made it out of the House. Let's look at what has happened.

  1. The bill passed the House
  2. The bill passed the Senate Education Committee

The Bill Passed the House

On 30 Jan 2019, in a very easy vote the bill passed 73-0-2.

Rep. Peterson (R-D59) presented the bill and requested support for it. He was joined in support by Rep. Derrin Owens (R-D58). Rep. Owens made the case that this bill would be revolutionary for adults returning to school after years of experience in a field.

The Bill Passed the Senate Education Committee

After being transfered to the Senate, the bill was sent to the Senate Education Committee for considersation. On 2 Feb 2019, the bill was given a favorable recommendation from the committee (5-0-3)[].

What's Next?

Now, the bill will go to the full Senate for consideration. It has been placed on the Senate's 2nd Reading Calendar.