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19 March 2019 - 1 minute read

The legislative session has come to a close. Our journey following HB 45 likewise concludes here. Following this bill has been interesting experience to really see the legislative process in action.

The bill currently remains as a draft of the enrolled bill. I doubt it the governor will veto it given the broad support behind it. But nevertheless we wait on his signature.


While listening to the debates in both the House and the Senate, I was impressed with how both Representative Peterson and Senator Millner portrayed the bill and emphasized the importance of the bill. They clearly understood their audience and how to get people on board. I think to some degree this is evidenced by the practically unanimous support for the bill in both the House and the Senate.

Adaptive Problem?

It seems anytime people are involved a problem can easily be classified as an adaptive problem. In this case, I really think getting this bill passed and the problem it solves is a technical problem rather than an adaptive one. I think it is part of a larger adaptive problem dealing with making education more accessible to people who are returning to school or have prior work experience. The technical problem being solved at the heart of this bill is getting a framework in place at the various higher education institutions across the state to use for awarding credit for prior knowlege and to explore software solutions for helping manage that.