Clay Diffrient

Hey, I'm Clay!

I am a father, a friend, a software engineer, an instructional designer, an educational technologist, a volunteer teacher, and an accessibility advocate.

I'm a staff software engineer at Derivita, a first of its kind STEM technology platform and complete computer algebra system. At Derivita, I primarily work on the front end of our app, the build system, and pretty much anything that comes my way. Ocassionally I've been known to reluctantly dabble in the Go code that powers the backend.

Before working at Derivita, I climbed the engineering ranks at Instructure. At the end of my tenure there, I was one of the top contributors to the front end of the Canvas Learning Management System primarily focused on front end architecture.

I am passionate about education — specifically the application of technology to enhance education! I obtained a Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science at Brigham Young University — Idaho as well as a Master's of Education in Educational Psychology (IDET) at the University of Utah.

Sometimes I get a little busy and don’t post much here or make things nicer, but you can find me online at several different places. The following list is a good place to start.