clay diffrient

Clay Diffrient

My name is Clay Diffrient!

I am a father, a software engineer, an instructional designer, an educational technologist, a volunteer teacher, and an accessibility advocate.

I'm a senior software engineer at Derivita, a first of its kind STEM technology platform and complete computer algebra system. At Derivita, I primarily work on the front end of our app using lit-html, Google Closure Components, and Material Design Lite all in TypeScript. Ocassionally I've been known to reluctantly dabble in the Go code that powers the backend.

Before working at Derivita, I climbed the engineering ranks at Instructure. At the end of my tenure there, I was one of the top contributors to the front end of the Canvas Learning Management System primarily focused on front end architecture.

I am passionate about education — specifically the application of technology to enhance education! I completed a Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science at Brigham Young University — Idaho and more recently completed a Master's of Education in Educational Psychology (IDET) at the University of Utah.

Sometimes I get a little busy and don’t post much here or make things nicer, but you can find me online at several different places. The following list is a good place to start.